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Not all natural mineral water natural mineral waters codifies the word Natural mineral water and a lot of companies and factories water lacks the word. There is a difference between natural mineral water and treated water (natural mineral water), which started to be Btabaotaiha without modification in its vehicles and components, with no additives chemicals and human interfere with the modified or treated water are those which have to man a big role in the installed and adjusted to become drinkable. Experts advise professionals to know the source of the water which is used for MoreDetail's

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05-07-2015 Reduce water prices by 5% on the occasion of holy month of Ramadan

Witnessing mineral water prices, on the occasion of Ramadan, a reduction of 5 percent with frozen to the end the

05-07-2015 Is the water better than tap water pure metal?

Many people do not trust-even in a number of countries Almottagdmh- the purity of tap water, preferring bottled water, but


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